My name is Andy Henriquez and I’ve invested tens of thousands of dollars and years of training with some of the best in the industry to master the art of storytelling. And as a result I have seen my platform and business transform. Mastering the art of storytelling has allowed me attract paid speaking engagements and clients with companies like Bacardi, Accenture, Office Depot Foundation, United Technologies Corporation, and many more.

It’s landed me media appearances in the Huffington Post, Black Enterprise, The Word Network, Island TV, BEACON TV and more. It has also allowed me to grow a lucrative coaching business, teaching authors, speakers, coaches and high end executives how to develop their signature stories to attract more customers, clients and gain more influence. I know first hand how storytelling can transform your platform and business and I want to assist you to do the same.

One powerful, authentic story can help you to increase your level of connection and conversion of your ideal client.

5 Steps to Developing a Signature Story that Connects and Converts


Are you looking for a way to ELEVATE YOUR BRAND and get the attention of your ideal customers and clients?

Do you want to become more MEMORABLE and attract more opportunities and clients?

Are you getting speaking opportunities, but you want to IMPROVE and get BETTER RESULTS?

Do you have a story or a message to share, however, you want more CONFIDENCE and to make more IMPACT?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this WEBINAR is for you.

Join business storytelling coach, Andy Henriquez, as he shares 5 Steps to Developing a Signature Story that Connects and Convert.
These are the same steps he uses when coaching high performing speakers and coaches, high end executives, and CEO’s to develop signature stories that convert.

Here’s some of what you will learn:

  • Learn how to pinpoint your brand building SIGNATURE STORY
  • Discover a proven technique to get your audience and prospects to CONNECT with your message
  • Tap into EMOTION-BASED storytelling to increase ENGAGEMENT and CONVERSION
  • Learn the Ultimate Storytelling Structure so you never get lost sharing your story again
  • Get delivery tips to instantly improve your CONFIDENCE and IMPACT
  • And much more………..

Save Your Seat!

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Date: May 24th, Thursday
Time: 1pm EST